May 28 & 29, 2025
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Rotor Clip Prioritizes Orders for Essential Medical Devices

During the pandemic, Rotor Clip Company says it is open and has full manufacturing capability to support its customers with its full range of products. “We will give priority to any customer producing components for essential medical devices needed to combat and treat the Coronavirus,” Rotor Clip said in a statement.

Among these elements are retaining clips used in medical device pumps, which Rotor Clip describes in an application note at its site.  

The core of the pump in this design is a series of rollers that are fastened to a wheel. A tube containing the fluid comes in contact with the rollers as they turn. The rollers pinch the tube in order to force the contents in the tube to move along.

As the tube returns to its natural “un-pinched” state, between each roller, the force causes additional fluid to move through the passageway, thus keeping a steady flow through the what is called a “peristaltic pump.” Common applications for peristaltic pumps include heart-lung machines to circulate blood during bypass surgery, and in hemodialysis systems.

In one application, designers were concerned about the extra costs associated with retaining eight separate rollers on their own shaft using traditional fasteners, like screws, nuts and bolts. Limited space was also a consideration along with the costs associated with assembling so many small components.

Rotor Clip’s E Retaining Ring was the fastener of choice, offering the designers less shaft preparation (no threading, tapping or drilling); reduced weight and size of finished designs; and lower costs of raw material and labor in assembly of components.