May 28 & 29, 2025
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Bolting Data Unit Makes Torque Visible to Trainees

Hex Technology has introduced CHUCK, a Bolting Data Unit intended to let craft assembler trainees see the readings for the bolt load achieved when they apply torque.

This makes essential-but-often-misunderstood elements of bolted assembly – like the effects of elastic interaction, alignment, lubrication, and inconsistencies known as "bolt scatter" – far easier to grasp.

CHUCK pairs with instrumented bolts to provide its readings. Bolt load data relays instantaneously from the unit to any laptop via Wi-Fi. Users can log in and see CHUCK's data in a visual, intuitive, user-friendly display environment.  

This lets crews see and understand what's happening inside their bolted assemblies — perhaps for the first time, says Hex Technology — and can fuel greater buy-in from crew members and better execution on sometimes overlooked fundamental best practices of bolting.

"For a crew learning the reality of what happens inside a bolted flange joint, seeing is believing," said Scott Hamilton, CEO of Hex Technology. "CHUCK shows in vivid detail why the steps in a site's procedure matter and how they affect the final result. It's an essential tool for training and assessment – and nothing prevents leaks or lost productivity better than a well-trained workforce." 

CHUCK is available to End Users, Vendors and Contractors as part of Hex Technology's Bolted Flanged Joint Assembly digital training program. Those who enroll in the program also receive access to Hex Technology's catalog of computer-based training courses, which includes specific certification tracks for every staff level from front-line assembler, to QA/QC inspectors, to site subject matter experts (SME)s. All curriculums are based on ASME PCC-1 Appendix A.

Hex Technology unveiled CHUCK at its 2021 Bolting Symposium, an invite-only annual event bringing together the top minds in bolting and reliability, including attendees from all U.S.-based supermajors and other major players among upstream, midstream, chemical and downstream end Users.

CHUCK pairs with RotaBolt load indicating fasteners created by James Walker. RotaBolts have been in use ensuring bolted joint integrity for more than 30 years. CHUCK is compatible with any appropriately sized flange that uses 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8" or 1-1/4", meaning users don't have to buy an expensive proprietary skid — they can connect CHUCK to an existing demonstration unit or a bench-mounted flange and get assembly data.

Hex Technology was founded by Scott Hamilton in 2014, after many years of successfully selling and servicing flanges, as a way to facilitate proper assembly and alleviate complications further down the line. Hex Technology sells training and knowledge, and does not sell flanges, gaskets or equipment of any kind. Its thorough training methods adhere to all PCC-1 standards, leading to Hex Technology’s reputation as the first and last word in bolted flange joint expertise. It is the preferred trainer and certifier to leading Fortune 500 oil and petrochemical companies the world over

CHUCK is available now and is being fulfilled to multiple major U.S. refiners and NGLs. More information is available at