• May 18-20, 2020
  • Charlotte, NC


Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC)

The Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC) is an unincorporated association made up of regional and national fastener associations concerned with the distribution, manufacturing and importation of fasteners as well as services to the fastener industry. Originally formed in the 1980s, the FIC was instrumental in effecting change to the Fastener Quality Act. In 1999, the Act was completely revised changing an unworkable piece of legislation that literally would have cost the industry billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses into a practical Act that enhanced the integrity of the industry’s product. With all of the regional fastener associations, three national associations and a training institute as members, the FIC is the only organization in the fastener industry where specific industry topics can be addressed and acted upon by an existing collective industry network. 

Fastener Training Institute (FTI)

The Fastener Training Institute’s (FTI) core purpose is to enhance fastener use, reliability and safety. By providing fastener product and technical training at all levels, FTI can achieve its goal of strengthening the industry and its personnel in all segments. The objective of the Fastener Training Institute is to elevate the level of technical understanding and expertise of individuals in the fastener industry by providing a variety of training programs presented by recognized industry experts. FTI provides beginning and advanced training on fastener products, standards and specifications.

Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI)

The Industrial Fasteners Institute’s mission is to represent North American fastener manufacturers to suppliers, customers, the government, and the public at large to advance the competitiveness, products, and innovative technology of IFI Member Companies in a global marketplace.

Mid-Atlantic Fastener Distributors Association (MAFDA)

The Mid-Atlantic Fastener Distributors Association is a volunteer organization recognizing the equal importance of all industry segments. The MAFDA fully embraces the quadrangle of business entities that encompass and support the regional fastener distribution industry. Distributors, Manufacturers, Importers, and Sales Representatives are all encouraged to join and participate in common interest agendas. 

Metropolitan Fastener Distributors Association (MFDA)

The Metropolitan Fastener Distributors Association is dedicated to representing all segments of the fastener industry: Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers, Manufacturer’s Representatives, and Suppliers to the Industry.

This service, promotion, and representation are provided in a number of ways that give each member many opportunities to benefit by belonging. The MFDA holds general and special meetings with industry specific educational topics, sponsors an industrial trade show in conjunction with weekend activities, industry wide social events, regularly scheduled board and committee meetings, awards college scholarships to the children and employees of member companies, supports various charitable organizations and continually searches for new ideas, programs, and ways to grow, expand, and educate the membership.

Mid-West Fastener Association (MWFA)

A membership with connections that hold the world together, the Mid-West Fastener Association is one of the oldest fastener associations in the United States.  For over 70 years, the association has expanded and evolved from a small local group, to the largest regional fastener association in the industry with members from coast to coast.  The Midwest market has the largest concentration of fastener related firms in the USA. MWFA activities have drawn members, as well as the fastener industry at large, to dinner meetings, Educational Seminars, annual Fastener Expo & Trade Shows, the industry’s largest Golf Outing, and many other programs, from all over the world.

North Coast Fastener Association (NCFA)

The North Coast Fastener Association is a not-for-profit organization made up of volunteers that help inform and educate affiliates of the fastener industry. Established in 1982, the North Coast Fastener Association is dedicated to helping its members and they value any comments that could help improve the Association. It is their goal to consistently grow as an organization and be of assistance to their members by helping them stay abreast of the events taking place in the fastener industry.

New England Fastener Distributor Association (NEFDA)

New England Fastener Distributor Association’s mission is to advance the interest of the Fastener Industry by: promoting the distribution of fasteners through those who will upgrade the image of the industry; to discuss and find solutions to the common problems of its members; to collect and disseminate useful statistics and information to its members; to provide a forum for continuing education and information for its members; to promote the improvement of quality; and to develop new users for fasteners in the marketplace.

National Fastener Distributors Association (NFDA)

NFDA is a non-profit trade association serving the North American fastener industry. Professionals throughout the fastener industry, both distributors and manufacturers, whose businesses range in size from small family firms to large multinational corporations, have each found that NFDA's services and benefits provide them with opportunities that are unequalled and unavailable anywhere else.

Pac-West Fastener Association (PWFA)

Pac-West Fastener Association’s core purpose is to strengthen its member companies through educational opportunities, alliances, advocacy, and highly effective relationships. Their value proposition is to be the critical resource your fastener business needs to maximize profitability and growth through enriched supply-chain relationships, invaluable interaction with industry peers, and outstanding and relevant educational programs. Their vision is to be the association that provides the highest return on membership investment in the fastener industry, while maintaining a sense of close community.

Southeastern Fastener Association (SEFA)

As a regional association of the Fastener Industry, the Southeastern Fastener Association is committed to bringing value to its membership. For 35 years, the SEFA has continued to bring distributors, manufacturers, importers, platers, and manufacturer representatives together to help find common ground in the industry and work together to promote education, networking, and industry events.

Southwestern Fastener Association (SFA)

The Southwestern Fastener Association, originally known as the Texas Fastener Association, was founded on the basic principle that there was a need in the fastener industry to exchange ideas and experiences on successful business practices and techniques related to the market. Southwestern Fastener Association has dedicated over 35 years of service to their members. Today, the Association membership exceeds 140 fastener companies. The membership is comprised of distributors and distributor representatives, manufacturers and manufacturer representatives, importers, processors, technology and independent sales agents.

Women in the Fastener Industry (WIFI)

​Women in the Fastener Industry (WIFI), began on the social media site LinkedIn, as a way to connect women in the fastener business through the web, social media, and trade shows. The group was started by Pam Berry, Executive Vice President and co-owner of Advance Components, and Mary Lou Aderman, president of The Aderman Group, who worked together to create a space for women to empower each other and advance in the industry. WIFI’s mission is to provide opportunities for women in the fastener industry at all levels of experience, to unite in order to educate, mentor and encourage one another, for the express purpose of advancing women in the fastener industry. 

Young Fastener Professionals (YFA)

Young Fastener Professionals is an organization comprised of young professionals that provide empowerment and career development by providing resources and support to future leaders. While respectfully preserving the past, the next generation is hastily shaping the future of the business spectrum. This organization aims to create a platform for young professionals, and the businesses employing them to develop, educate and enhance a variety business initiatives. Founded in 2014 by Ryan Kertis, formally of Stelfast, Young Fastener Professionals has had a primary focus on integration and education boasting an impressive portfolio of various programs and events supporting those objectives.