May 28 & 29, 2025
Music City Center | Nashville, TN

TR Fastenings Achieves Aerospace AS9120 Certification

International fastener specialist TR Fastenings has achieved the AS9120 Certification following an extensive audit of its operations and in response to customer demand. AS9120 recognizes the continuing commitment to aerospace quality and conformance. It also places TR Fastenings among a select group of companies that practice the highest quality standards required in this sector.

The AS9120 Certification is specific to organizations holding and distributing aerospace related components such as fasteners and is designed to ensure that parts are handled and tracked properly while they are enroute from the original manufacturer to the end customer.

It adds almost 100 additional requirements specific to aerospace suppliers, beyond the general manufacturing standard ISO 9001:2015, including traceability from receipt to delivery, counterfeit parts prevention and detection, and evidence of conformity and on-time delivery, all critical for meeting the stringent requirements of supplying components into the aerospace and defense sectors.

“It was a long process but the rigorous work behind it further strengthens TR Fastenings’ position within this sector and guarantees the highest level of competence,” said Kevin de Stadler, Sales Director at TR Fastenings.

“It will open up opportunities such as improved performance against competitors and expansion of our UK market. We also hold ISO 9001 and 14001, however, AS9120 sets us apart in the industry and now firmly positions us at the forefront of fastener provision in this highly regulated sector.”