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Seven Firms Win 2021 Fastener Innovation Award

DANIEL ISLAND, SC – has announced the 2021 Class of Fastener Innovation Award winners. The awards are presented annually in recognition of those individuals and companies whose innovation in fasteners and assemblies today, will become tomorrow’s standard.

The U.S. leads the world in innovation, particularly in fasteners and fastening systems according to Mike McGuire, president of Worldwide Fastener, who created the recognition program in 2019. Innovation is so strong and continuous in the fastener industry, McGuire says, it is a “Technology Trend” in its own right.

“In fastening application engineering today, the engineers and designers now dictate that fasteners are an important part of product design and assembly,” says McGuire. “They are now thought of first in specifying fastening applications, and not as an afterthought of how to assemble the product.” McGuire believes the fastener industry’s philosophy could be described as continuous improvement with innovative solutions for customers’ fastening applications.

Winners for 2021, listed here, will receive a framed Certificate of Celebration of Fastener Innovation and a unique Crystal Marquise world globe for the Fastener Innovation Award.   

Last year’s winners included Gesipa® PolyBulb®; Hilti USA Smart Bolt, KATO Fastening Systems, LockOne®, Leland Industries’ Thermal Expansion Fasteners, Nord-Lock® Original Wedge-Locking Technology, Nylok® NyShield™, Smalley Edgewinding Process, Twister™ Fastener Coil Washer Design, and Valley Forge & Bolt Load Indicating Fasteners

The Certificate of Recognition and the unique design Replogel Crystal Marquise globe will be delivered to each award winner. 

The Fastener Innovation Awards is a year-round project. Applications are now being accepted applications for the 2022 class. For more details, contact Mike McGuire at [email protected].
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For Mike McGuire, President of Worldwide Fastener these phrases inspired him to recognize the individuals and companies for fastener and fastening application innovation that are leading the way to specific performance with new fastener development and design. The award includes a framed Certificate of Celebration of Fastener Innovation and a unique Crystal Marquise world globe for the Fastener Innovation Award.

The United States leads the world in innovation and in-particular fasteners and fastening systems. Fastener innovation is so strong and on-going, it is called a "Technology Trend" in the fastener industry. Today, fastener engineers and designers dictate that fasteners are an important component of product design and are now thought of "first" in specifying fastening applications, not an after-thought of how to assemble the product.

2021 Fastener Innovation Award Honorees

CAMO® Fasteners - EDGEXMETAL™ Clips
Cat's Claw Fasteners© - Cat's Claw Fasteners©
Jergen's® - Lift-Check™
Multi Piece Fastener - Foreverlok™
SPIROL® - Press-N-Lok™

2020 Fastener Innovation Award Honorees

Hilti USA
KATO Fastening Systems
Leland Industries
Twister™ Fastener

A driving force in the evaluation process for a Fastener Innovation Award is that the fasteners be innovative in assemblies today and that they will be tomorrow's standard. Our philosophy is continuous improvement with innovative solutions for customers fastening applications.