May 28 & 29, 2025
Music City Center | Nashville, TN

Self-correcting MAThread Machine Screws

AFI Industries, based in Carol Stream, IL, is a leading manufacturer of cold-headed fastening solutions for the global marketplace.

AFI Industries prides itself on being a U.S. source for externally threaded fasteners. Fasteners of steel and steel allows, stainless and brass are offered, for a range of market segments, including automotive and trucking, military, aerospace, power tools, HVAC, railroad and agriculture sectors, along with numerous others.

One specialty is the MAThread and MATPoint screw which is said to never cross thread. Installers say it “glides” into holes and finds and forces itself straight with aligned components. It also fixes clogged internal threads that it encounters.  

The MAThread technology eliminates seizing and jamming of fasteners from the most common problems and has resolved ongoing assembly issues. This result has been demonstrated in high volume automotive assembly operations. Where MAThread is not used, assembly plants experiencing problems must sort through a myriad of possible causes before resolving it.

With MAThread, says its licensor, should a nut-thread quality issue occur, or dirt or obstruction in the thread cause a jamming failure, the assembly plant can immediately rule out cross-threading, false-threading, and/or paint problems as possible causes of the problem. That makes it much easier to focus on the real issue, which is no longer disguised by other possible failures. Such a quality problem is usually quickly solvable once it’s identified.

Since its establishment in 1976, AFI Industries says it has maintained a commitment to cutting-edge manufacturing innovation and uncompromising product quality, for more than four decades maintaining its status as a go-to source for quick turnaround deliveries and IATF certified quality.   

AFI will be exhibiting in Booth 328 at the 2020 Fastener Fair USA, May 18-20 at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina.