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Rebuild? or Upgrade? Thread Rolling Equipment Evaluations

By David Willens   Deciding whether to rebuild and/or upgrade your thread rolling machinery is determined by the value-added benefits and payback either option offers for your production.

If your machine is running the same job day-in and day-out, it may make the most sense to rebuild the machine when the mechanical parts are tired out and begin to affect the achievable tolerance levels the machine can hold.

On the other hand, in a situation where your machine is tired, but you see a business opportunity to increase the level of quality and tolerance class of its product offerings, it makes more sense to upgrade to newer more advanced machinery.

The rebuilding process can range from complete disassembly and reconditioning of the machine to more focused rebuilds such as spindle systems, gearboxes or drive-shafts for preventative maintenance. You also may consider the option to upgrade the machine electrical and control system with items such as AC variable speed drives or touchscreen PLCs.

A full machine rebuild will come with a value-added machine warranty period. If your current machine doesn’t meet existing or future production rate requirements, Kinefac Corporation can also integrate high-speed, parts feeding units with vibratory bowl or conveyor feed to increase your production throughput.

This is where Kinefac can help. We have been an innovator in design and development of the most versatile and advanced two and three cylindrical die thread rolling machines, dies and systems since 1962. Highly trained Kinefac engineering and assembly experts use their reputable experience and knowledge to evaluate customer needs and recommend the best course of action for every situation.

The ultimate upgrade however, will put you in a brand new Kinefac CNC Thread Rolling System with the most advanced thread rolling capability and unsurpassed level of rolling process control. Kinefac Corporation’s PowerBox thread rolling systems offer fully servo die rotation and die positioning with closed-loop feedback as well as auto-assist die matching features and re-roll cycles for the highest-class thread rolling applications.  

Kinefac Corporation [] is an innovator application of cylindrical die rolling, extrusion, radial forming and centerdrive turning for the production of shaft-like parts. It applies its mechanical and electrical engineering skills to micro-coiling, centrifugal fluid and parts cleaning, hydraulic actuation systems and access control gates. To attain its goal of “total quality,” Kinefac relies on the values of good design, good workmanship and the best technology available for every application.

Source: Fastener Technology International, December 2019, article by David Willens Director of Research & Development Kinefac Corporation