May 28 & 29, 2025
Music City Center | Nashville, TN

Non-Marring Tools Drive Fasteners Safely

SPARKS, MD – Apex Tool Group’s has launched the Crescent u-GUARD series of non-marring covered tools. The patented tools allow the user to hold the drive tool directly while it spins freely inside the covers, increasing fastening control and significantly reducing contact from the rotating tool.

The u-Guard protects surrounding surfaces from scratching while the cover's thin wall maintains accessibility in tight spaces, useful in auto repair shops, and in installing hinges, doorknobs, cabinet handles, light switches, and window frames. Apex Tool notes that one slip with a traditional bit can scratch or mar a finish, leading repairs. On average, such rework can account for up to 5 percent of a total job cost, Apex Tool says.

The technology behind it was developed for the automotive industry, and has been proven for more than 10 years in assembly plants, where Apex Tool is required by many of the major automotive brands such as GM, BMW, Mercedes, and Ford. This is the first time the protection is available to the construction and automotive repair industries.

 "It's rare to have a tool that's truly unique in the market, but there's nothing else out there like it right now," said Michael Preus, Global Director of Marketing for Crescent APEX. "The u-GUARD product line takes what we've learned in assembly and production tools through our APEX brand and applies it in a whole new way for the industrial construction market.”