May 28 & 29, 2025
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M & M Fasteners Sees Growth Following a Move

VALENCIA, CA - M & M Fasteners Supply Inc. says it has experienced a great deal of growth since moving to Valencia in the heart of Santa Clarita Valley industrial center little over a year ago, according to Eunice Hajek, CEO.

M&M Fasteners supplies wholesale hardware distribution for the general commercial sector. But catering to local markets, it is now expanding in two growth areas: manufacturers of movie lighting equipment, and aerospace, Hajek told the Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal. A stocking supplier of quality fastener products and accessories specializing in OEM, MRO, electrical and aerospace markets. M & M can also supply parts from a blueprint or technical specification.

In addition to supplying a multitude of fasteners, M & M also provides  decades of collective expertise to support other manufacturers through its warehouse-operations services, such as custom Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) programs, which can help companies organize, catalogue and track materials and equipment — a service that can help clients improve efficiency and make a significant impact on the bottom line.

The VMI service is in addition to the traditional manufacturing support the company provides: everything from commercial threaded bolts and screws to large OEM’s, MRO’s or construction hardware and tools to the grips in the Studio Industry, to a custom part, per-print used by the Department of Defense, both of which are among growing business needs in the area.