May 28 & 29, 2025
Music City Center | Nashville, TN

Customized Fasteners, Shorter Lead Times

EasyLink operates two factories in Taiwan and another in Viet Nam opened in 2016. It serves the auto, furniture, electronics, and general Industry with nuts, bolts screws washers and assembly parts.

The Taiwan factories specialize in customized fasteners for the automobile and furniture industries and small fasteners for the electronics industry. “We have one die two blows, 2 dies four blows , 4 blows 4 dies forging machines, sawing machines, auto-shaving machine, optical sorting machines in house and a tooling department to offer customers high quality products in shorter lead time,” the company says.

EasyLink received CE 14565 and CE 14592 certified, as well as BSCI certification in 2012. In 2016 it adopted the German auto manufacturers VDA6.3 quality system, that year also introducing robotics  

Soon after EasyLink earned a patent for mismatched threads. Normally in the thread rolling process for machine types, the occurrence of mismatched threads is very low, the company explains, “However, once it happens, none of CCD sorting devices can detect this problem. When parts are used for automatic assembly application, mismatched thread parts mixed in the batch will cause assembly line be jammed and shut-down, resulting in big losses.” This patent helps mitigate the problem.

Visit EasyLink Industrial at Booth 509 at the Charlotte Convention Center during Fastener Fair USA, May 18-20, 2020.