May 28 & 29, 2025
Music City Center | Nashville, TN

Decker Automotive and Specialty Fasteners, and Processing

Decker Manufacturing offers many types of structural and automotive fasteners, as well as specialty and custom items, including weld fasteners, nut/washer assemblies, wheel nuts, locknuts, flange nuts and plugs for passenger car and truck assembly.

Based in Albion, MI, Decker offers North American OEMs domestic production sourcing, as well as imported sources, with a wide selection of high-quality fasteners and industrial products, ranging from 1/4"-1 1/4" to M5-M24,  

Decker says its range of cold formed configurations include crucial fasteners such as spacers, special-use fasteners, pins, and rivets. Supplying these items for automotive door hinges and body frame assemblies, Decker also produces spacers for safety critical attachments such as seat belt anchors.

Products Decker supplies for special production needs include weld slugs, weld pads, thick spacers and step bushings. Headed fasteners include single and multiple solid step rivets and special solid long pins.

Processes offered include coating, plating and heat-treating options that are environmentally safe, including hexavalent-free chrome plating.

To expedite the production process, Decker engineers use state-of-the-art software, like AutoCAD, to produce part drawings quickly. This allows all members of the project team to review and confirm the specifications before fabrication starts. Decker’s machine shop creates the tooling for customer parts in-house.

Decker can apply prevailing torque features to a wide range of internally threaded fasteners. The flexibility of its in-house designed locking equipment lets it process its inventory, or customer inventory, with precision, accuracy, and efficiency.

In packaging, Decker says it aims at zero defects, using roll sorting and high-speed optical inspection technology in many of its manufacturing processes.

Learn more about Decker Industries in Booth 915 at the 2020 Fastener Fair USA, running May 18-20 at the Charlotte Convention Center.