May 22 & 23, 2024
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A.K.O., Inc. Torque Specialties Joins Fastener Machinery Group

WINDSOR, CT - A.K.O., Inc. Torque Specialties announced it has joined the International Fastener Machinery & Suppliers Association (IFMSA). A.K.O. reports in the latest Fastener Technology International magazine, that it joined IFMSA to support its continued expansion into the fastener marketplace.

A.K.O., Inc. Torque Specialties, located in Windsor, CT, is an international leader in the manufacture of torque calibration and testing equipment. The fastener market has been a cornerstone industry for A.K.O., where it offers a complete line of testing and calibration equipment designed specifically for the fastener industry.

“With the new launch of products and software we have planned in the near future, joining IFMSA makes perfect sense for us,” says A.K.O.’s COO, Jim Pagano. “They have the experience and industry knowledge we can capitalize on to leverage our growth in this important market.”

A.K.O., Inc. Torque Specialties houses its ISO 17025-2017-certified calibration laboratory at its facility in Connecticut, where it receives a large variety of torque tools for calibration on a daily basis. It uses equipment of its own to calibrate torque transducers, hydraulic torque wrenches, torque multipliers, pneumatic torque drivers and click wrenches from 2 oz-in to 150,000 lb-ft, to the highest traceable industry standards. A.K.O., Inc. also provides training for individuals or small groups at its headquarters or on-site at a customer’s location.