May 28 & 29, 2025
Music City Center | Nashville, TN

Fast Packaging for Large or Small Fastener Runs

Designed for long or short runs, Advance Poly-Packaging’s T-1000 has the capability of cycling over 100 bags per minute, faster than any operator could manually feed. Advance Poly-Packaging says its T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger is its top-of-the-line bagger, as well as its best-selling. 

The T-1000 is also fast enough to keep up with automatic infeed equipment, including vibratory bowl counters, scales and infeed conveyors. The T-1000 is also designed to run in-line with punch/stamp presses, injection mold machines, blister machines and other continuous feed manufacturing equipment for inline bagging.

The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger can reduce packaging costs by way of its high speeds, versatility, reliability and simplicity.  Advanced Poly-Packaging sells both off-the-shelf equipment, as well as customize any machine to fit specific needs. Learn about Advanced Poly-Packaging in Booth 314 at the Charlotte Convention Center May 18-20, 2020.