May 22 & 23, 2024
Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland | Cleveland, OH

50 Torque Test Cycles Fail to Break Barrel Nuts

Sky Climber Fasteners says its high-strength Titan barrel nuts exceed 50 torque test cycles, outperforming other nuts and locknuts. Sky Climber Fasteners’ engineering and R&D teams are Centers of Excellence in the aerospace fastener industry. Its state-of-the-art Machining & Injection Molding facilities are located in California and Ohio, and have a unique ability to produce a wide variety of fasteners using metal, plastic and composite materials for structural, engine and interior applications.

Sky Climber Fasteners was launched in late 2015 as a new-generation engineered aerospace fastener company. Its mission is to design and develop a wide variety of new and/or improved, metal and/or polymer aerospace fasteners and fastening systems. Its state-of-the-art machining and injection molding facilities are located in the U.S. and it is AS9100 – Revision D accredited.

Sky Climber says its aerospace fastener designs are easier and faster to install, are FOD-free, and are stronger than other market alternatives. With 24 patents pending, Sky Climber Fasteners also serves the automotive and commercial markets.